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Worst Store Name Ever

April 17th, 2007 at 07:38 pm

Having lived in Japan for over 10 years, most strange spelling and names don't even grab my attention anymore, so when something does, it has to be really awful. I came across this clothing store for kids in a mall near our house. Probably not the best name for a store of any kind...

9 Responses to “Worst Store Name Ever”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    That is a pretty strange name!

  2. daybyday Says:

    Very odd.

  3. bc Says:

    Everything is always so pristine, well-kempt and clean in Tokyo. It's like the exact opposite of Philadelphia.

  4. Fern Says:

    Yeah, really, what's up with that??

    Always enjoy your pix reflecting differences in Japanese/American culture.

  5. Fern Says:

    Could you show us some pix of Japanese homes? Inside & out?

  6. tiki Says:

    Fern's idea is great. I will bookmark this blog if you can provide interior photos of Japanese homes!

    There's a picture book called Tokyo: A Certain Style, full of photos of the insides of "real" people's homes there. These interiors are not necessarily streamlined, though. Most rooms featured in the book are smaller than what you'd expect, and the rooms tend to be cluttered, but they're full of personality. It's amazing what people can do with limited space, some creativity and an eye for beauty. It's very inspiring. (My favorite anti-shelter book!)

    Unfortunately the pages all fell out of mine...I'm trying to find the hardback edition now! ;-)

  7. Ray Says:

    Probably an attempt at combining "star" and "ovations"...

  8. mayte hernandez Says:

    crystal is a fatassss

  9. duc Says:

    I do noticed that Japanese English is quit embarrassing to read at times. It is worst when the words are misspelled. I noticed a placard near my city, that read 'Local Moll.' It should have been spelled, Local Mall.'

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