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Making Your Surroundings Better

May 6th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

One of the lessons that my father taught me was to always leave a place in better shape than when you arrive. When I go on my walks in Japan, they always take a bag along to pick up trash that I find along the way. It's one of those little things that anybody can do to help make the area around where they live a little better.

4 Responses to “Making Your Surroundings Better”

  1. A non mouse Says:

    Even Japanese Clean is clean!

  2. A non mouse Says:

    edited for update to english:
    Even Japanese trash is clean!

  3. Amarone wine Says:

    This is true Japan is very clean even their port is very clean.

  4. duc Says:

    I do noticed in some parts of Japan, the surrounding communities are clean.

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